Adding Line Items during Approval

Certify AP enables you to allocate the cost of line items across multiple DepartmentsGLs, and/or Projects. Approvers can sometimes add line items during the approval process. 

This article shows you, a Certify AP Approver, how to enable allocate a line item during their approval workflow.

Please Note: An AP Administrator must enable the Allow Approvers to add line item setting in the Company Preferences page. 

1. Open a pending Requisition from your Approval Inbox.


2. After reviewing the Requisition, click Add Line Item

3. A popup window appears. Fill out any necessary fields and allocate the line item. New line items can be allocated to any Department, GL, and Project.

4. Click Save to add the line item. This new line item product will not be saved as an internal catalog but as an ad-hoc.

5. With new line items, approvers are required to enter approval comments.

If the transaction is rejected, any added line items will stay on the requisition when returned to the submitter. 

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