Quick Adding Items to Purchase Requisitions

The Quick Add Item feature in Certify AP gives users the ability to add products not found in the product catalog to a new purchase requisition. This allows users to purchase one-time products, without needing the add/edit product permission.

This article will show you, an Accounts Payable User, how to Quick Add a product to a purchase requisition.

Please Note: A Certify AP Administrator must first enable Quick Add Item preference on their Company Preferences page.

1. Create a new Purchase Requisition. Once the requisition opens, select Quick Add Item.



2. The Quick Add Product page opens. Fill out the product information, then click Save.




3. The newly created product appears at the bottom of the page. Click Continue to finish adding the product to the purchase requisition.



Please Note: Once a user submits a purchase requisition, the Quick Add product will not appear in the product catalog, nor in any product searches.



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