Editing Approved Purchased Requisitions

A Purchase Requisition is a document that you can submit to request approval to purchase goods or services for your company. Once a Purchase Requisition has been approved, it is ready to be converted to a Purchase Order. However, you may find that you need to make changes to items on your approved Purchase Requisition before converting it to a Purchase Order.

This article will show you, a Certify AP Submitter, how to edit the Quantity, Department, and/or GL Account for items on an approved Purchase Requisition before it is converted to a Purchase Order.

1. Click Create on the AP Dashboard, then select Purchase Orders from the drop-down menu. mceclip0.png

2. On the Generate Purchase Orders screen, click the pencil icon next to the item you'd like to edit.


3. Here, you can edit the Quantity of the item, as well as the Department and GL Account.


4. When complete, click Save Changes.


Once the changes have been made, place your Purchase Order.

Please Note: When making changes on this page, depending on your organization's settings your approver may need to re-approve the requisition before you can generate a purchase order. If that is necessary, you will see a pop-up stating this when you click Save Changes.

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