Submitting an Invoice in Certify AP

An Invoice is a document from a seller or vendor that describes items sold, prices, and the date of shipment. The invoice will then need to be paid.

This article will show you, a Certify AP Submitter, how to submit an invoice.

Creating your Invoice

1. Click the Create button on the Certify AP Dashboard, then select New Invoice from the drop-down menu. 


2. This is your Submit Invoice page. First, choose to create a new invoice or select an invoice that has been started, but not yet submitted.


3. When creating a brand new invoice, you have two options:


  • Select a Vendor: Choose the vendor that the invoice is coming from.
  • Enter PO Number: Enter the purchase order number that the invoice is coming from.

4. Enter the Invoice Date and the Invoice Number. Click the Arrow icon to allow Certify AP to create a unique invoice number for you.


5. Click Create Invoice.


Edit your Invoice

1. Click the Edit button to edit the invoice Header. This is where you enter your invoice payment information.


2. Edit the invoice number and invoice date, enter comments, change the department, bill to a credit card, assign a manual check number, and attach any necessary files. Click Save Changes when complete.


3. Next, add your products. You can add the items in a few different ways:


  • Search: Search my product name/description and click Search.
  • Add from Packing List or Add from Purchase Order: You will see one of these two options depending on your company's preferences. If the vendor requires receiving then you will see Add from Packing List. If not, then you will see Add from Purchase Order. By clicking one of these options, you can add items from a previously created Packing List or Purchase Order.
  • Display products alphabetically from this vendor: Choose from products that have already been entered from this vendor.

4. When you find the product you'd like to add, click the blue add button to the right of the product.


5. In the Line Items box, you'll see all of the products you've added to your invoice. You can edit the quantitypricedepartmentGL, and Project. When complete, click Save.


6. Once your line item is edited, you can leave it, or select from one of the following options:


  • Edit: Re-opens the line item so you have access to edit it again.
  • Allocate: Allows you to allocate the line item to multiple departmentsGLs, or projects.
  • Remove: Removes the line item from the invoice completely.

7. Next, enter your Footer information by first selecting your footer type from the Select Footer Type drop-down menu.


8. When you're done editing all of your line items, you have three options to continue:

  • Delete: Deletes the entire invoice.
  • Close: Saves the invoice to come back to later.
  • Route: Moves the invoice further in the submission process.

9. Click Route.


10. You'll receive a confirmation that shows your invoice has been successfully routed on to the approval process.




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