Release Notes: October 21, 2022


New Spend Request Description

Certify has added the Spend Request’s Description field to the Approver view of a Spend Request. This gives Approvers additional context on the Spend Request, which will assist Approvers in making better approval decisions.

Certify Payments PO Box Restrictions Lifted

Previously, customers using Convera (formerly Western Union) for payment processing were not allowed to enter a PO Box as their home address. This created an issue for end users looking to be reimbursed via ACH who did not have a physical address.

After a discussion with Convera, we are able to this restriction and allow users in the United States to enter a PO Box as their home address and continue to receive their reimbursements.

Please Note: This option is only available to US users at this time. Users in other countries may still be restricted from using PO Boxes as a home address when reimbursing through Convera.




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