AP Release Notes: October 21, 2022


Vendor Filter - Approval Inbox

Certify AP has added a new Vendor filter option in the Approval Inbox that allows users to filter out the list of transactions based on selected vendors.

Purchase Order Template Updates

Certify AP has updated the PO Template to include new fields. Users can add them via the Purchase Order Layout.



Where is this located?

Product Web Reference

This is the web reference field on the product.

PO Line Item

Creator Email

This is the user’s email who generated the PO

Purchase Order Info

Orderer Email

This is the user’s email who placed the PO

Purchase Order Info

New Data Field - Invoice Status Report

Certify AP has added two new fields to the Invoice Status Report:

  • Routing # (last four digits): This is the routing # on vendor profiles paid via the Payments - Electronic method. 
  • Account #: This is the account # on vendor profiles paid via Payments - Electronic method.

DateTime Change - New UI/UX

Previously, the new Certify UI/UX pages showed the date/time in the user’s local time zone. This was causing some confusion, as the older pages were displaying the date/ time in UTC. Certify AP has now ensured that newer pages also show the date/time in UTC, so the display is consistent across all pages in Certify AP.

Export Scheduler - Custom Export Builder

An indication noting that an invoice was generated via the Export Scheduler now appears whenever a previously exported invoice batch is accessed.

B2B Payment Email Notification

When using B2B Payments, an email now sends whenever an invoice fails to export to Emburse Pay due to unsuccessful validation. This email provides details as to why the invoice cannot be exported to Emburse Pay. Below is an example of this email:


Void/Retract - Dashboard Enhancement

For all transaction submitters (requisition, invoice, etc.), Certify AP is adding a simplified way to void or retract your transactions that are pending approval.

This provides the same actions as the Manage Transactions page.


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