Release Notes: November 4, 2022

Emburse Assistant - User Guides


To help new users navigate and learn Emburse Certify, we’ve launched several new in-app guides. The guides will cover popular workflows for submitters and approvers, aimed to save your employees’ time so they can focus on what matters most.

The user guides are available anytime by clicking on the Question Mark icon in the upper right hand corner. In addition to user guides, all users will have access to additional documentation in the Help Center, and Administrators will see an Announcements section.


Additionally, new users will enjoy a tour of the homepage, which helps to acclimate the new users to the Emburse Certify application and answer several basic workflow questions, aimed at getting the user fully prepared to submit their first expense report!

We are frequently adding new User Guides, so be sure to check back often to see how we are helping your users!


Welcome Email No Longer Uses Temporary Passwords

As of October 21, the welcome email sent to new users will no longer send them a temporary password. Instead, the email will route them to the password assistance wizard, which will prompt them to set a new password.


In addition, this week we removed the {Usr_Password} option from the drop-down on the Configure Single Sign On page ( Using {Usr_Password} in a custom welcome email will still work, however.


These changes were made in reaction to customer feedback about temporary passwords expiring — the new experience has no time limit on first-time login.

Clients with custom welcome emails using temporary passwords will not be impacted by this change.


Tax Rates and Multiple Currency Use Added to Browse Users Report

The ‘Use Multiple Currencies’, ‘VAT/GST’, ‘PST/QST’, and ‘HST’ columns have been added to the Browse Users report. 

We added these columns based on feedback from Implementation and Support that this information was frequently requested by clients, and that it was difficult to view on a bulk basis.


To view the new columns, you can navigate to the Browse Users report and click the funnel icon on the top right. Clicking will allow you to select hidden columns — the four new columns are the last items on the list.



Dynamic Filtering: Enhancements to GLD Deactivation, Filter Reactivation, and File Upload

Based on feedback from clients using the feature, we’ve made enhancements to how Dynamic Filtering data behaves in Certify. The following changes have been completed: 

  1. Deactivating an expense GLD tied to a dynamic filter will also deactivate the filter.
  2. Reactivating a filter tied to an inactive expense GLD will reactivate the expense GLD.
  3. Dynamic filtering has been added to the Import Records tool. Using this tool, as opposed to the Filtering page accessible from the General Ledger Dimensions page, will be more effective particularly while uploading large files. 


In coming weeks, we will also handle the situation where an expense GLD that already exists in the system is attempted to be re-imported.


Import Records Tool Now Handles Large Files in a More Reliable Manner

Based on feedback about slowness in the case of large file uploads, we’ve updated the experience for better ease-of-use and reliability.

If a user attempts to upload a file that is larger than 2MB into the tool, they will see an additional prompt, informing them that only the first 5 lines will be previewed.


Dismissing the above message and clicking the Upload button will trigger the following message:


Clicking the Next button, per usual, will complete the import. In the background, we now take these large files and place them on the cloud for scheduled processing. This is more reliable than the previous experience — and you don’t have to wait for it to complete in front of you.


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