AP Release Notes: December 2, 2022 Pt. 1

Single Sign On

Certify AP is now able to pull the SSO details from Certify Expense. This means, that if you are using SSO to access your certify account, this SSO information can be used on the Certify AP for the following details:

  • Email Notification Logon URL > Login link on the Certify AP Email Notification
  • Logout Redirect URL > Logout link on the Certify AP User Account Setting

For configuring SSO on the Certify, please refer to help center article: Configuring Single-Sign-On

Bulk Vendor Sync - B2B Payments

For clients using B2B Payment, you are now able to bulk sync vendors to Emburse Pay via SetupUtilities. When you upload your vendors via Setup Utilities, any active vendors with account type (for ex, ACH, Check, and VC) will be synced to Emburse Pay.

If there is any vendor that did not get synced over to Emburse Pay, please reach out to AP Support team for further investigation.

Hide Retract Option

For clients paying their invoices via an external payment method (for ex, Certify Payment or B2B Payments), the Retract option for the invoice will now be hidden on the Manage Transactions page if the invoice has been synced over to the other payment platform. This prevents any duplication of invoices when the original invoice is still pending payment process.

Updates to Custom Export Builder

Certify AP has updated a few items in the Custom Export Builder feature. First, we have added 2-digit year data field on the Custom Export Builder for the following data fields:

  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice Due Date
  • Invoice Posting Date

Certify AP has also removed some unnecessary data fields on the Custom Export Builder template. The following data fields are removed from File Header and File Footer section:

  • CheckDate
  • CheckAmount
  • BatchNumber
  • TransactionNumber
  • LastFourCardDigit

Bug Fix Notes



CAP-5190 | Unable to move invoice to unassigned queue

An issue was found where the invoices created via Automated Import Assignment could not be moved to unassigned invoice queue. This has been resolved.

CAP-6673 | Prevent vendor from deleting

An issue was found where the vendors synced over to EmbursePay could be deleted from Delete Objects page. This has been resolved.

CAP-6692 | Unable to move dept with inactive user

An issue was found where the department could not be moved if there was inactive SAF approver. This has been resolved.

CAP-6777 | Unable to import vendors via DIU

An issue was found where the vendors were not imported via DataImportUtility. This has been resolved.

CAP-6643 | Unable to allocate entire invoice

An issue was found where user was not able to use Allocate Entire Invoice feature if the invoice total was over $999,999,999. This has been resolved.

CAP-6648 | Change wording of new Date data field

An issue was found where the recently added new Date data field was worded incorrectly (for ex, day of the month (01…31)). This has been resolved.

CAP-6694 | Able to route req without required cdim

An issue was found where users were able to route a requisition without completing the required custom dimension field. This has been resolved.

CAP-6695 | Seeing different dates for transaction date on dashboard

An issue was found where the dashboard was showing the transaction date in different timezone than other date column. This has been resolved.


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