AP Release Notes: December 19, 2022

Invoice OCR - Beta

We have implemented a new way for users to upload vendor invoices in CertifyAP. To reduce the manual process of creating an invoice, the new Invoice OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature is used to automatically extract invoice data from an uploaded invoice file. 

Please Note: This is currently a beta version and the feature will be slowly rolled out over the next few months. If you wish to try this out early or disable it for your company, please reach out to Certify AP support team.

After enabling Invoice OCR,  the Invoice Upload option appears in the CREATE drop-down for users with the Enter Invoice permission. 


From there, they can click Invoice Upload to navigate to the upload page.

Users can also email vendor invoices via invoiceocr@ap.certify.com from their Certify email: 

Here are the links to the Help Center Articles for this topic:

If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our Certify AP Support team. 

Default GL Invoice Footer

We have added a new company preference that allows companies to configure a default GL account on the invoice footer item. This default setting will also be applied when the approver adds the footer item to the invoice during the approval process.

Please Note: There is a minor bug where selecting the default GL for Freight will set the same value as the default GL for Tax. This will be resolved in the next release. 

Bug Fix Notes



CAP-3928 | ManualCheck not exporting in CEB

An issue was found where the allow manual check invoices to be exported wasn’t enabled on new companies. This has been resolved.

CAP-3893 | Unable to add new custom dimension

An issue was found where the admin was not able to create new custom dimension fields. This has been resolved.



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