Release Notes: May 21, 2024

Emburse Cards - Flexible Card Mapping

Customers using Emburse Cards can now map their cards to any user in Certify, even if the card is assigned to another user. Going forward, after an Emburse Card program is connected to Certify, we will continue to automatically map a card to a user’s account based on the email address associated with the cardholder. However, the Administrator will have the option to override the default mapping, and map the card to any user, provided they have an active Certify account.

For new card programs, Administrators will be brought to the card mapping screen after connecting their program. From here, the Administrator can choose to tweak the default mapping if necessary. Additionally, Administrators can leave a card unmapped, and the card’s transactions will be ignored and skipped during the transaction import process.



Existing Administrators can change their card mapping at any time by opening Configuration and selecting Manage Your Card Programs. Then, select Edit Mapping to open the mapping page.



With this new enhancement, we’ve deprecated the Default Cardholder logic. Any cards which were previously mapped to a program’s Default Cardholder have been migrated to the new mapping logic, and the cards will remain assigned to the former Default Cardholder unless changed.


Emburse Analytics Pro - Bursted Reports for Creators

Emburse Analytics Pro users with Creator permissions may now generate bursted reports. This allows your organization to create a single schedule with a dynamic distribution list, based on the data, where each recipient only sees data relevant to them. For example, you could choose to notify company credit cardholders of unused transactions over 60 days old. The distribution list will be dynamic because the users who fit these criteria may change every time the report is run. Choosing Burst Schedule when you create a schedule for this report ensures that the report is sent only to users who meet those criteria at the scheduled send time.


Additionally, we have introduced a new Burst Schedules administrative screen to allow users to review all of your organization’s bursted schedules and their configuration.



For more information, see Scheduled Bursted Reports in the Emburse Analytics Help Center.


Emburse Analytics Pro - Reusable Distribution Lists for Schedules

Emburse Analytics Pro customers may now create reusable distribution lists. This will enable your organization to create a single list of recipients that may be used for multiple scheduled reports or dashboards that have the same recipients, including bursted reports. Additionally, users will be able to easily add and remove recipients from the reusable distribution list.


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