Release Notes: January 12, 2024

New User Management Experience

We’ve launched a brand new user management experience, aimed at reducing the time it takes Administrators to create and manage their user records. The new page combines the legacy Create New Users and View and Edit Users pages into a single, streamlined experience.


The new page is currently in beta and can be enabled by visiting View and Edit Users. Administrators will have the option to try the new experience during the beta period or toggle back to the legacy experience. 

Please note: After the beta period ends (approximately one month), Administrators will only be able to manage and create user records from the new page.



With the new experience enabled, Administrators will enjoy several enhancements-most notably  an Improved user search to save you time. Enter a few letters of the user’s email address, first name, or last name, and your user list will automatically filter the relevant results.


Quick access to key Administrative actions from the kebab menu, including the ability to impersonate the user.


Streamlined user creation by selecting New User at the top of the screen. The updated new user creation drawer includes all possible user attributes, allowing Administrators to create user records in a single step.



We recognize that changes such as this may impact Administrators’ processes and workflows. For that reason, we encourage all users to leverage the Share Feedback intake form to share their experience using the new page, as well as report issues or potential product defects.



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