Release Notes: May 14, 2024

Updates to Expense Report API

Customers leveraging our API can now retrieve an expense report’s Current Approver using the GET /expensereports API call. This datapoint will show Administrators who exactly is holding each expense report. With this information in hand, Administrators can focus their attention on the approval laggards to ultimately speed up the approval process for their company’s expense reporting.

If an expense report is pending approval with another user, the Current Approver object will return an array of data points, including:

  • Current Approver’s ID
  • Current Approver’s First Name
  • Current Approver’s Last Name
  • Current Approver’s Email address
  • Current Approver’s Role

If an expense report is processed, or if an expense report is in a draft state, the Current Approver array will be empty.

To learn more about the API, be sure to review our API Documentation.

User Management Experience - BETA Ending June 10th



Our new user management page will be leaving BETA soon and will be going live for all customers the week of June 10th.

After June 10th, customers will not be able to toggle between the old and new experiences.

To best prepare your organization’s Administrators for the switchover, we recommend enabling the new experience for testing as soon as possible. To enable the new experience, open Configuration and select View and Edit Users. On the following page, you will be prompted to try the new experience.



Additionally, Administrators can leave their feedback by clicking on the Share Feedback link at the top of the page.


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