Release Notes: January 5, 2024

New Administrator Setting

We've added a setting to allow administrators to prevent users from updating their default currency. 

To use this new setting, administrators can navigate to the View and Edit Policy page and check the box pictured below. 



When checked, non-administrators will see that the 'Default Currency' dropdown on the My Account page is grayed out, with a message informing them that they are unable to edit and choose another option. Administrators - both in their own accounts and switching to user accounts - will still be able to edit this field as before.



This is a particularly useful setting for companies with employees spread over different countries that want to maintain the accuracy of expenses.

Updated - General Ledger Dimension Search 

We’ve made a small but mighty improvement to the General Ledger Dimension (GLD) search. A search for Name, Code, or Data (an optional field) on the below page will now return any result containing the search query as a substring. 

For example; a search for a name of ‘West’ will now return results named ‘Midwest’, ‘Western’, and ‘West’, since they all contain the text ‘West’ in them. Similarly, searching for a Code of ‘02’ will return results with codes of ‘02’, ‘0002’, 2302’, and ‘0204’.

This is an improvement on previous search functionality and we hope it will make administrators’ lives a little bit easier.

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