Release Notes: March 20, 2024

Additional Approval - Line Item Approval

Our current Additional Approval functionality allows a customer to configure an approval workflow that sends expense reports to a specific approver when it contains expenses allocated to a particular GLD value (EX., specific Client or Project). 

The major drawback of this functionality is that even if only one of the expense lines on a particular report is allocated to a specific GLD value, the GLD Approver is still required to view and approve all lines on the expense report.

Several customers flagged this as a concern, as it meant some approvers were seeing and approving expenses outside their purview.

Based on customer feedback, we’ve iterated on the Additional Approval functionality. Customers now can configure Additional Approval to send only the expenses allocated to a particular GLD value to the specific approver.

Administrators must contact a member of our Support Team to enable this function. 

Setting Functions: 

  • If the setting is disabled  - an Additional Approver will be required to approve all expenses in an expense report, so long as at least one of the expenses is allocated to the GLD value for which they are responsible for approving.
  • If the setting is enabled - an Additional approver will be required to approve only the expenses allocated to the GLD value for which they are responsible for approving.

In the example below, the Additional Approver Ronald is responsible for approving any expenses allocated to the “Renovation” project. 

The Submitter is submitting 3 expenses. The Mileage expense is associated with the “Renovation” project. The other two expenses are untagged.


The first approver sees the entire report and must approve all expenses before sending the report to the additional approver. 

Because the report contains an expense allocated to the Renovation project, Additional Approver Ronald receives the report next. Once Ronald opens the report, he will only see the one expense tagged to the  Renovation project.

Additional Information:

  • Ronald will not have access to the Print Report page.
  • All expense report totals have been adjusted to reflect only the amounts visible on the report. Email notifications have also been updated.
  • All confirmation and preview screens have been updated to reflect the total of the visible expenses.
  • If Ronald opens the full approval history, he will only see the expenses that are applicable to his assigned Project GLD.



When the report is viewed by an Accountant, the full approval history will reflect that Ronald only approved some of the expense lines contained within the report. Expense lines that were not approved will display N/A in the Action column.



This update saves Additional Approvers significant amounts of time and allows them to complete Approval tasks faster. Additionally, Administrators will have peace of mind knowing that their conditional approvers are only seeing the expenses that align with their Projects, Clients, Budgets, etc.

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