Mileage Reimbursement Rates

Personal automobile use reimbursement rates allow employees to be reimbursed for company use of their automobiles. Certify Administrators have the option to use the suggested IRS mileage rates or a custom rate based on company policies. This article shows you, as a Certify Administrator, how to create and edit both the default and custom mileage rates and apply the rates to mileage categories.

Certify updates default mileage rates annually according to the IRS on January 1. 

Navigate to the Personal Automobile Use Reimbursements Rate Page

On your Certify homepage, click the gear icon and then click Personal Automobile Use.


Create a New Mileage Reimbursement Rate

1. Click Create a New Rate.


All accounts will default to the suggested IRS Mileage reimbursement rate. To assign a category to the default rate or to edit this rate, skip to the Edit a Mileage Reimbursement Rate area. 

2. Enter the rate information. Each field is described below:


  • Rate Name: Name of the rate
  • Expense Category: The mileage expense category the rate should be assigned to
  • Rate Details: Certify provides the suggested IRS Business, Medical and Moving, and Charitable rates
  • Custom Rate of: Any other rate you need to enforce. Enter the rate amount, the rate currency, and then select Miles or Kilometers from the drop-down menu.

Certify provides the option of a secondary rate only enforced after a certain distance has been traveled. Be sure to connect it to a dedicated expense category for this mileage scenario.


3. Once you are finished entering the rate information, click Save Rate.

Edit a Mileage Reimbursable Rate

1. Click the edit (pencil) icon next to the rate you want to edit.


2. Edit the rate information as needed.


Be sure to note the effective date. This may need to be back-dated for users who have not yet entered their mileage expenses.

3. Once you are finished, click Save Rate.

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