Re-assign Departments in Bulk

You can use the Bulk Update Employee Departments to assign existing employees to new departments in bulk.

1. On your account homepage, click the gear icon, then View and Edit Departments.


2. Click Assign Employees Department.


3. In the text box, enter a comma-delimited list with two columns:

  1. The first column must contain either the email address or employee ID of the user.
  2. The second column must contain either the name or code of their new department.

4. Click Next


5. Review your changes. Each line will either Sync or Skip

A line will skip if:

  • User is already assigned to the new department
  • Employee ID exists for more than one user
  • Department Name or Code is assigned to two or more active departments
  • Employee ID or Email does not exist
  • Department Name or Code does not exist


5. Click Next to confirm the changes. 


After changes are made, the new department will reflect in the employee's user record. 


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