VAT/Special Tax Overview

Certify has capabilities to manage varying tax rates on expenses internationally. There are two options to help your organization capture these rates.

My Account Tab

Leaving blank, or using pre-set percentages in the My Account tab, employees can easily enter tax amounts on every expense.


This is helpful for companies allowing employees to add the tax amount every time they submit a receipt. Percentages can be pre-set to auto-calculate based on each expense amount (for employees who do not need fluctuating amounts, seen below), or simply left blank for the employee to enter in manually on each expense for more flexibility.


The benefit to this option is that VAT amounts will appear in regular Analytics reporting.

Custom Tax Table

Utilizing a back-end table, we will load your pre-assigned rates for each expense category in the background. Employees will not see a change when entering expenses – they’ll do that normally.

This is helpful for companies who prefer locking down tax rules applied to different categories to ensure accuracy in their custom output file. Instead of Analytics, the controlled tax rates will reflect in the custom output file only.


For more information or to enable a custom tax table for your organization, contact Support.

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