Adding Individual Meal Attendees to Your Account

For frequent attendees on your meal expenses, you have the ability to pre-populate individuals for easier selection. For example, groups could be certain departments, teams, or attendees from a specific customer. This article will show you, a report submitter, how to add and manage your own pre-populated individuals for reporting meals.

To pre-populate groups of attendees, see Adding Groups of Meal Attendees to Your Account.

1. On your Certify home page click your name, then click Account Settings


2. In the lower left-hand corner, select Add Attendees.


3. Enter the Name, Title, Company, and Relationship of the individual, and click Next to save. 


4. To add the new individuals to an Attendee Group, click Manage Attendees. To enter an Attendee Group, see Adding Groups of Meal Attendees to Your Account.


5. Select the pencil icon for the individual to edit their information, and/or use the Groups drop-down menu to apply them to a Group.


6. For future meal expenses, this individual attendee will be available. 


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