Creating a Personal Expense

Occasionally, you may use their corporate credit card for a non-business related expense. You can categorize a full or partial corporate card transaction as a Personal Expense to notify your company that you should be responsible for paying for all or part of the expense, not the company.

This article shows you how to mark a single expense as a Personal Expense, and how to use the Split Expense function to report part of a transaction as a personal expense. 

Single Expense

1. Open your expense report. On your Certify homepage, click Drafts and click the name of an existing draft expense report or click Create a New Expense Report if you don't have an open report.



2. Locate the expense on your report or click Add next to the appropriate transaction in the My Certify Wallet box.

Add from Wallet.png

3. Open the expense by clicking the pencil next to the expense line.

Edit Personal Expense.png

4. Select the Personal Expense Category from the drop-down menu. Then, enter or edit the remaining expense data fields. Click Save.

Please Note: Your company may have a different naming convention for their Personal Expense categories. 


5.  The expense report totals will now display Total Personal. A non-reimbursable personal expense will be calculated as a negative reimbursable expense.


Split Expense

1. Open the Other Actions menu of the expense you would like to split, and select Split Expense.


2. Select the Personal Expense Category. Enter the amount you would like to split out as a personal expense amount. The split amount will be subtracted from the full, original expense amount.


3. Click Save to add the split expense to your expense report.

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