Manually Importing Credit Card Expenses

Accountants may use the copy/paste link within the Receipts tab to import employees' credit card expenses. An Accountant may use this method if they receive a failed imported expenses notification, or as an alternative to a credit card feed entirely. This article will show you how to manually import credit card expenses.

1. In the Add Receipts box on your Home page, select More Methods.


2. Underneath Credit Card Import, click Copy and Paste.


3. In a separate tab or browser, log in to your credit card expenses via your bank website.


4. Select and copy the desired lines from your online credit card statement. Paste into the Certify Expense Data box.


5. Select the name of the employee who should receive these expenses in their Certify Wallet, and indicate if the expenses are reimbursable or non-reimbursable to the employee.


6. Click Next. These expenses are now available for expense reports via the employee's Certify Wallet.


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