Reporting NPI for Expenses and Invoices

Certify integrates with the US National Provider Identifier (NPI) database, helping companies comply with healthcare reform acts and associated legislation. This feature allows companies to properly track and report expenses and invoices relating to physician relations and marketing efforts for other licensed healthcare professionals. This article shows you how to report NPI expenses in Certify. 

1. On your account homepage, create a new expense report or open an existing Draft report. 


2. Select the Name of the expense report you want to open. 


3. Open an existing expense by clicking the Edit icon next to the expense line. Create a new expense by selecting Add from My Certify Wallet or use the Add Expense box. 


4. Next, complete the bold fields.

  • Select the appropriate NPI expense Category from the drop-down menu.
  • Search for the physician by name, location, or NPI number. Click Find and select the appropriate physician from the list provided. Additional physicians can be added in Step 5
  • In the Attendees field, enter all non-physician attendees. Click Save.


Please Note: This functionality works the same as when using NPI detail options for Certify Invoice.


5. Enter additional physicians by opening the Other Actions menu and selecting Add Physicians


6. Search for and select an additional physician by name, location, or NPI number. Click Add Physician. Add multiple physicians as needed. When finished, click Save.


7. Additional physicians will be saved as a split expense. The total is automatically calculated for you and is split evenly between the total number of physicians and non-physician attendees. 



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