Acting as a Delegate User

Certify allows users (Authority Accounts) to designate other users (Delegate Users) to act on their behalf within Certify. This article shows you how use your delegate permissions to access an Authority User's account.

To act as delegate, the Authority Account must first Assign Delegate Users for their account. 

1.  On your account homepage click your name and select the name of the Authority Account you would like to access from the drop-down menu. 


2.  Confirm that would like to change to the Authority User's account by clicking Yes.


3. You now have access to the Authority User's account to submit expense report, approve expense reports, run reports, etc. as permissions allow. 


You can access the Authority Manager or Executive's full Other Actions menu:


Please Note: For a user to have full Other Actions Menu access, the Allow Approvers to edit expenses while approving expense reports checkbox must be selected by the company on the View and Edit Policy page. Also, the Authority Account user must mark the Approve reports on your behalf checkbox when establishing the Delegate user.

If you have not been granted sufficient permissions to perform a certain task in the Authority User's  account, you will receive a Permission Denied notification.


4.  When you are done working as a Delegate User, you can switch back to your account by clicking the Authority User's name at the top of the page, and selecting your name from the drop-down menu.


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