Transferring Ghost Card Expenses to Another Wallet

For companies using ghost cards to book employee expenses, the Certify Administrator has the ability to transfer these expenses to the correct user's Certify Wallet, when that employee is not the actual cardholder.

This article shows you, a Certify Administrator, how to act on behalf of another Certify user to move imported ghost card transactions from one user’s My Certify Wallet to another.

1. As a Certify Administrator, locate the user who received the imported ghost card transaction(s) that need to be moved, and switch to that user by either using the Switch to this User feature, or as a Delegate user. 


2. Acting on behalf of the user, go to their Certify Wallet and check the box next to the imported ghost card transaction(s) that need to be moved.


In the example below, a Certify Administrator is accessing user "Certi Admin's" Certify Wallet to move imported ghost card transaction(s) to "Jack Certi’s" Certify Wallet.

3. Click Send Items at the bottom of the page.


4. On the Send Selected Items page, find the name of the intended user who should receive the imported ghost card transaction(s).


5. Click Send Items to move the imported ghost card transaction(s) to the intended user's Certify Wallet.


A message alerts you the move was successful, and the imported ghost card transaction(s) have been added to the intended user's Certify Wallet.


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