Editing Blanket Purchase Orders

Following the steps in this article will ensure that you don’t have to void any Purchase Orders or resubmit anything for approval at any point during this process.

This article shows you how to edit blanket purchase orders.

1. Send a Purchase Order to the vendor.


2. Later, the Invoice will come into your Invoice Capture Queue entered as two line items instead of one.


3. Next, click Add from Purchase Order to add the items from the existing Purchase Order, not the auto-created lines that came in from the invoice capture.


4. Find the applicable Purchase Order and check the box next to Add. Then, click Continue.


5. Next, enter 1 in the Quantity Ship field. Then, click Add Items to Invoice.


6. Certify will now show the linked Purchase Order from the line you just added.


7. Click Edit to adjust the prices since the vendor split one line item into two. Click Save when complete.


8. Next, delete the auto-created line that came in from the invoice capture. In this example, we can leave the $1,200.00 line item because it wasn't on the original Purchase Order and we adjusted the price of the line we added to account for this.


9. Click Route to route the invoice for approval.


10. The Purchase Order now shows only the quantity as 5 out of 6. Confirm this by going to Reporting and choosing to run a report by the vendor. After running the report and clicking the applicable Purchase Order it shows the billed quantity and the open quantity.

blanket_10.pngEventually, when you add the last item from the Purchase Order you will also check the box to Close the Purchase Order so that it no longer shows in your Open Purchase Order's report under the Reporting section of Certify.

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