Editing a Purchase Order

Once a Purchase Order has been created, you can edit line items if you need to make changes in order to submit to the vendor. When you edit a Purchase Order, the edited items will be voided and a new Purchase Order will be created with edited items.

This article will show you, an Accounts Payable Submitter, how to edit a purchase order.

Please Note: Line items cannot be edited if they've already been invoiced.

Editing a Purchase Order

1. On your AP Homepage, click the Configurations tab.  


2. From the Configurations page, click the Manage Transactions tile.


3. On the Manage Transactions screen, click Purchase Orders.


4. Search for a Purchase Order using the fields provided, then click the Search button. 

  • Purchase Order Number: The purchase order number.
  • Vendor: The vendor you placed the purchase order with.
  • Product Description/SKU: Describe one of the products on the purchase order, or the SKU number.
  • Amount: Enter a range of the total cost of the item(s) in the purchase order.
  • Date Range: Enter a date range for when the purchase order was created.


5. Your search results will appear under Matching Purchase Order. To edit a purchase order, click Edit.


6. On the Edit Purchase Order screen, click the edit icon to the right of the line items you would like to edit or replace.


7. On the Edit / Substitute Purchase Order Item screen, make any necessary changes to the line item Quantity, Price, or custom fields that your company has set up and click Save Changes.


8. Once you have made all necessary changes, enter a required comment explaining why you edited the Purchase Order and click Save Purchase Order.


The edited line items will be voided and a new Purchase Order will be created with edited items.

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