Creating Default Approvers for Invoice Vendors

It is possible to create a Default Approver for an Invoice Vendor record. This will route all Invoice Reports containing this Invoice Vendor to the selected Default Approver for first level approval. This article shows you, a Certify Administrator, how to configure a Default Approver for an Invoice Vendor record.

1. Click the gear icon.


2. Select View and Edit Invoice Vendors.


3. Use the search parameters to filter for the vendor. Click Submit



4. Use the pencil icon to open an Invoice Vendor record.


5. Start typing the name of the Approver in the Default Approver field for Certify to filter your results. You may also use the Find button to search for approvers. Click Next.

Inv Vendor 3.png

6. The Change Analysis will determine if it is safe to make the change. Click Next.


7. The Default Approver is now applied. 


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