System Configuration Overview

The System Configuration page is available for administrators to configure your Certify account.  Below we have a list of Quick Links where Admins can go to find more specific information on how to configure Users, Departments, Categories, and GLDs for a more streamlined expense management process.  

Quick Links 

Navigating System Configuration

 Click the Gear icon at the top-right of the page to open the System Configuration page.

The System Configuration page has five sections Admins can use to configure their Certify Corporate account. 

1. Company Policy

The Company Policy section is where administrators can update their company's policies and guidelines, as well as manage expense categories, general ledger dimensions, and departments. 

2. User Accounts and Billing

The User Accounts and Billing Section is where administrators can assign user roles, add new users, manage security settings, and determine your Certify Expense service plan. 

3. Travel Links and Information

Travel Links and Information is where admins can find accounting contact details and information, as well as input a list of preferred travel partners. Admins can add contact information for your company's most commonly used airlines, car rental companies, and hotels. 

4. System Integrations

Certify Admins can visit the links under the System Integrations section to integrate Single Sign On,  API, credit card programs,  ERP systems, and much more. 

5. Certify Tools

Certify Tools is where admins can import records to bulk update approvers, emails, departments, categories, allocations, etc. 

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