Training Script Templates

Sometimes, your employees just want to hear from... you! Listening to a familiar voice with familiar terminology and the context of your organization could be an integral step in your employees' success using Certify. We recommend a best practice of tasking an individual, or group of people, as becoming your own organization's subject matter experts on Certify. This can be in the form of simply acting as resources to assist with questions, or holding some internal training sessions to highlight specific data in your account and use it in relatable scenarios for your employees. 

To get started, download our own training script templates for how to Create and Submit Expense Reports, how to Approve and Process Reports, and how to Submit, Approve, and Process Invoices. These are the foundation of how we train all of our Certify users. Use them as a guide or outline to support your employees in their Certify adoption in any way you need. 

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