PDF User Guides

Click each link below to download. User guides are updated quarterly.

Certify User Guide - Quick Start - Q2

The Quick Start User Guide is a condensed guide that reviews how to:

  • Login for the first time
  • Navigate the New User Account Wizard
  • Best practices for receipt and report creation

Certify User Guide - Creating and Submitting Reports - Q2

The Creating & Submitting Reports Guide reviews how to:

  • Login
  • Set up your profile
  • Submit receipts and expenses
  • Create expense reports
  • Edit expense reports
  • Submit expense reports

Certify User Guide - Approving Reports - Q2

The Approving Reports Guide reviews how to:

  • Approve and disapprove expense lines
  • Approve and disapprove expense reports
  • Use the Other Actions menu

Certify User Guide - Processing Reports - Q2

The Processing Reports Guide reviews how to:

  • Review reports prior to processing
  • Process expense reports
  • Access Accounts Payable data
  • Reimburse through ACH

Certify User Guide - Configuring - Q2

The Configuring Company Settings for Administrators Guide reviews how to:

  • Access and edit your data - GL accounts, user profiles, and departments
  • Set company expense policies

Certify User Guide - Invoice Classic - Q2

The Certify Invoice User Guide reviews how to:

  • Submit invoices to Certify
  • Create invoice reports
  • Review invoice reports
  • Submit invoice reports
  • Approve and disapprove invoice reports
  • Process invoice reports
  • Administer invoice  

Certify Self-Implementation Guide

The Certify Self-Implementation Guide reviews how to:

  • Enter all of your company data: departments, expense categories, and users
  • Set expense policies
  • Reviews recommended practices for launching Certify for your company

AmTrav User Guide

The AmTrav User Guide reviews how to:

  • Make air, rail, hotel, and rental car reservations
  • Edit your travel profile
  • Manage your company's travel policy

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