Strategies for Effective Onboarding

Investing in and implementing Certify for your organization, whether as a brand new automation effort, or replacing a previous process, takes a lot of planning and even more decisions to make to get the configuration just right. But - that's only half of the mountain to ensure successful user adoption! It can be very easy to send out the login credentials, let employees know when to start using Certify, and go back to your desk believing a job well done. However, for the best chance of long-term success and adoption (and therefore, your return on investment), just as much planning should go into the actual rollout process for your people. 

Humans are humans and we are all wired very similarly when faced with adapting to something new, whether a new commute to work, a new diet, a new roommate, or a new software. Our Strategies for Effective Customer Onboarding presentation dives into the details with guidance on how to plan for, communicate with, and support your employee base to manage differing reactions, personalities, and ultimately, ensure all hop on, and stay, onboard with you. 

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