Using the InstantAudit Alerts Queue

For companies using Certify InstantAudit, the Auditor permission is assigned by a Certify Administrator. The Auditor role is designed to monitor flagged expenses using the InstantAudit Alerts queue.

The Auditor assists in the approval process by providing extra information to help Approvers make better informed decisions when working with non-compliant submissions. However, Auditors are not a part of the approval path, as they cannot make approval/disapproval decisions.

The InstantAudit Alerts queue provides Auditors with a list of expenses flagged by the Rules set up by the company admin

Please Note: Once the expense is processed by the Accountant, it moves out of the queue.

This article shows you, a Certify Auditor, how to use your InstantAudit Alerts queue.

1. From your Certify homepage, click Audit Alerts.


2. The InstantAudit Alerts queue opens with a list of pending expenses that have been flagged by InstantAudit


3. The page always defaults to the newest flagged expenses. However, if you need to change the order, each column can be filtered by clicking the blue header.


The Status  icon shows the status of the expense:

  • Red !: This indicates the expense has been flagged by the InstantAudit scan.
  • Red (-): This indicates the expense has been confirmed as a violation by an Auditor. Once flagged, the flag remains with the expense.
  • Green checkmark: This indicates an Auditor granted a one-time exception. Even when granted exception, the alert remains with the expense and can be reported on using the InstantAudit Review report.


4. Click an expense to open the Expense Details side screen. This is where you can confirm the violation, or set a one-time exception. 


5. Click View Expense Report to view the full expense report. 


6. Click Violation to indicate up the approval chain that this expense is in violation of company policy, or click No Violation to mark it as a one-time exception. 


7. Enter a note for the approval chain informing them why the expense is either exempted or in violation. Click the Disk icon to save the Note.


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