(Convera) Finding the Direct Deposit Payment Status

When using Certify Payments, there may be times an Administrator needs to know the status of a specific reimbursement after the Treasurer sends the report to Convera for processing.

This article shows you, a Certify Administrator, where to find the Convera payment status, and lists what the status may mean.

1. Locate the Certify user’s Approval History for the report by switching to that user.

Please Note: You can also access a user’s Approval History by using View in the Expense Report Approvals report.

2. On the user’s homepage, click Pending Payment.


3. Click the report to work with from the user’s list. Once the user’s expense report opens, you can locate the payment status under the Approval History.

There are different statuses applied to an expense report depending on where it is in the Convera process and if any issues were encountered. For example, “Returned – invalid routing code”.


If the payment is Rejected or Returned, additional information is provided to help you work with Convera and the employee to track down the issue. Certify subsequently sends an email to the User and Treasurer(s) containing Expense Report and Convera details.

Please Note: You can also view the payment statuses of users' reports by using the Status column in the ACH Reimbursement History Report.

Possible Payment Status messages include:


Payment Status:




"Payment has been cancelled."

Payment has been cancelled.


"Payment has been accepted for processing."

Payment has been accepted by Convera as part of a batch, but batch is not committed yet.


"Payment has been committed for processing."

Batch is committed and is ready to be processed.


"Payment is being processed."

Batch is committed and payment amounts are finalized. Payments have been sent to sanction scanning.


"Payment has been funded."

Payment has been funded by your company’s settlement bank.

Not Accepted

"Payment has not been accepted for processing."

Payment not accepted by Convera.

On Hold

"Payment is on hold for review."

Payment held pending Convera sanctions review.


"Payment has been released to the destination bank."

Payment has been released to a beneficiary i.e. direct deposit or check payment to the employee requesting reimbursement.


Errors Include:

  • Account number not valid
  • Account number missing or not a valid length
  • Account number not valid length

  • Invalid payment reference - The description value for the payment was improperly formatted

  • Invalid SWIFT number

  • Routing code missing or not a valid length

  • Routing code not a valid length

  • Unknown error


Payment was scheduled for a release but was rejected by the payment processor.


Errors include:

  • Account closed
  • Beneficiary did not claim funds
  • Payment returned for credit
  • Invalid account
  • Invalid account number
  • Invalid routing code
  • Invalid routing/invalid/ incorrect account number
  • No account/cannot locate account
  • The destination bank denied the payment without supplying a reason
  • Unknown error


Payment was scheduled for a release, and was accepted by payment processor, but was returned by the accepting bank.



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