Using the Undo QuickBooks Sync Feature

There may be times you need to access a processed expense report not listed in your QuickBooks Sync Requests queue. For example, you may need to access a processed expense report if it has been accidentally Excluded from the queue on the QuickBooks Sync Requests page, or if an expense report was synced to QuickBooks using the Certify QuickBooks Sync tool and has been changed. In these instances, you can return the expense report to the queue.

This article shows you, as a Certify Administrator, how to locate and return an expense report to the QuickBooks Sync Requests queue using the Undo QuickBooks Sync feature.

1. From your Certify account homepage, click the left menu then click Reporting.


2. Scroll down to the Financial Oversight and Auditing section and select Processed Expense Reports.


3. Use the search fields to find the expense report to work with.


4. Select View next to the expense report that you want open.


5. From the opened expense report, click Undo QuickBooks Sync.


6. From the Confirmation that pops up, click Yes. The expense report is then returned to your QuickBooks Sync queue.


Once the expense report is returned to your QuickBooks Sync queue, if this expense report already exists in QuickBooks, delete it from QuickBooks to prevent duplication.

7. To retrieve the expense report, select QuickBooks Sync from your Certify account homepage.


8. The expense report is now available on the QuickBooks Sync Requests page. Select the Employee name or Expense Report name to open the report and make any changes needed.


9. Once you have made your edits, process the expense report as usual.

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