Amazon Business Punchout Integration

Certify AP offers easy integration with Amazon Business Punchout integration. This feature allows Certify AP users to connect and build a requisition cart in Amazon Business, then return it to CertifyAP for approval.

This article shows you, a Certify AP Requisition Submitter, how to configure Amazon Business Punchout with Certify AP.

Please Note: Users must have an existing Amazon Business Account in order to configure the Amazon Punchout integration. 

Configuring Amazon Business Punchout

1. Log in to an Amazon Business Account and click Account for [company].


2. Click Business Settings.


3. Scroll down to the System Integrations section, and click Configure Purchasing System.


4. In the search field, select Certify-ExpenseWatch, and click Continue or Save.


5. The punchout system login (FromIdentity), Password (SharedSecret), Punchout URL and Purchase Order URL will be generated.


6. To activate, click on the Switch to Active Mode button.


Connecting Amazon Business Punchout in Certify AP

1. Log in as the Requisition Submitter.

2. Click the Create button on the Certify AP Dashboard, then select New Requisition.


3. From here, create a new requisition under Create Requisition, or work on a previously saved requisition under Your Requisitions in Progress.


3. When creating a new requisition, fill out the Department, the Project, the Requisition Title, and the Requisition Date. The date can be a current, a past date, or a future date.


4. Click Create when finished.


5. Click on the Amazon Business logo under the Online Vendors section.


6. Scroll down the page and enter the credentials and URLs from your Amazon Business punchout setting.


7. Click Add Amazon as an Online Vendor..


8. Amazon Business appears under the Active Online Vendors section.


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