The Budget vs. Actual Report

Certify AP has a large set of reports which enable administrators and managers to analyze spend data. The Budget vs. Actual Report is a permission based report which allows users to gain visibility in company spend by comparing department spend totals vs. their actual spend. In addition to the report being real-time, it also allows users to drill down from the department or GL level to the transactional detail level.

This article will show you, an Accounts Payable Employee, how to access and run the Budget vs. Actual Report.

1. On your Certify homepage, click the down arrow next to Certify then click AP.


2. This is your Certify AP dashboard. Click the Reporting tab.


3. In the Spending Reports box, click Budget vs. Actual.


4. Choose to list the report by Department, or General Ledger Account.


5. Then, select your Department or Account from the drop-down menu.


6. Manually enter the Date Range you'd like the report to run for, or select a date range from the drop-down menu.


7. Select what transactional information you'd like to include on the report by clicking the checkbox next to the items.


8. When finished entering the report information, click Run Report.


9. Your report details will show below. The report will compare the actual spend vs. the budgeted spend and displays the difference. Click Export to Microsoft Excel to save the report onto your computer.


10. To see the report on a transactional level, click a number in the Actual spend column.


11. You're now viewing all the transactions that make up the general ledger spend. To move from the transactional level to the transactional detail level, click on an Invoice Number.


12. The details will show on the Invoice Detail page.


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