Flexible Approval Workflow

Flexible Approval Workflow allows each user to select an approver when submitting an expense report. Using flexible approval workflow, you do not need to specify an approver or accountant for each user. This article shows you how to configure and use flexible approval workflow.

On your account homepage, click the gear icon and then select View and Edit Policy.


Under the Approval Workflow Method area, use the drop-down menu to select Flexible Approval Workflow. Click Save.


With flexible approval workflow, users will be prompted to select an approver each time they submit an expense report; the default will be the last approver selected by the user. Click Show All Approvers for a list of all Certify approvers and accountants within your company. 

Approvers will follow the same pattern while approving reports. Once an expense report is approved, they can either forward the report to another manager, or submit the report to a Certify accountant for reimbursement.

The Forward to another Manager option will allow the approver to send the expense report to a user with a Manager or Executive role. 

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