Manually Linking Non-Reimbursable Expenses to a P-Card

The P-Card Reconciliation Report provides a way to manually link non-reimbursable expenses to a P-CardP-Card Linking is designed as an extra layer of functionality to help with account reconciliation. It is useful for the occasional times a Certify user submits an unlinked, non-reimbursable expense. In these cases, P-Card Linking can be used to link the expense and help reconcile the account with a company-paid credit card statement.

Please Note: P-Card linking should be done with caution.

This article shows you, a Certify Administrator, how to manually link non-reimbursable expenses to a P-Card using the P-Card Reconciliation Report.

1. On your Certify homepage, open the left menu and click Reporting.


2. Scroll to the Integration and Data Feeds box and click the P-Card Reconciliation Report.


3. Choose what Date Range you'd like to search by. Also, be sure to choose All Non-Reimbursable Expenses from the P-Card Program drop-down menu.


4. When complete, click Submit.


5. Your P-Card Reconciliation Report opens. In the P-Card Program column, scroll until you see a transaction marked Link. Click Link to manually attach that transaction to the user's P-Card.

Please Note: The user must have a card attached to their Account for the linking process to work.


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