Approving and Disapproving Spend Requests

Certify's Spend Request feature enables end-users to budget for an expense before the spend occurs. Once the Spend Request is submitted, a Manager can see the expected costs for specific projects, trips, or people, providing opportunities for increased spend management. 

Once a Spend Request has been submitted, the Manager can review the expected costs and approve of deny the request.

This article shows you, a Certify Manager, how to approve and disapprove a Spend Request.

Spend Requests and Expense Reports follow the same initial Approval Workflow. Though once a request is approved by all Approvers in the workflow, it is returned to the submitter's Approved Spend Requests folder rather than being moved along to the Accountant. A Spend Request will be routed to an Accountant only if an Emburse Card is requested. 

Approving a Spend Request

1. Open Approval Requests on your Certify homepage.


2. Once the Approval Requests page opens, select a Spend Request to view.


3. After the request opens, click the arrow (>) under the Details or Reason columns to see more information about the Spend Request Items.


4. Once the Items have been reviewed, select the Approve button for each line. To approve all Items at once, click the Approval All button.


5. When an Item is approved, a green checkmark will appear in the Status column. Click Complete Request once all Items are approved.


Please Note: For security reasons, accountants approving Spend Requests tied to Emburse Cards will be prompted to enable multi-factor authentication at this stage.

6. On the next page, click Complete to finish approving the Spend Request.


Disapproving a Spend Request

Manager can disapprove single Items, or an entire Spend Request. If the entire Spend Request is disapproved, it will return to the submitter's Spend Request Drafts.

1. To disapprove single Items, click the arrow (>) under Actions. Select Disapprove in the Other Actions pop-up window.


Once the Item has been disapproved, a red X will appear in the Status column.


2. To disapprove a Spend Request completely, click the Disapprove Request button.


3. On the Disapprove Spend Request Page, click Submit.




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