Approving a Virtual Card through Spend Requests


Certify's Spend Request feature enables end-users to budget for an expense before the spend occurs. While creating a Spend Request, Physical or Virtual Emburse Cards can be requested, approved, and funds issued to the user. The funds can then be used towards budgeted expenses. 

This article shows you, a Certify Approver, how to approve an Emburse Card through Spend Requests.

1. On the Certify homepage, select Approval Requests.


2. In the Spend Requests section, select a Spend Request with an icon in the Card column.  


If the request also includes a virtual or physical card request, there will be an icon in the card column

3. Approve or Disapprove each line item. To approve all line items at once, click Approve All


4. Set the card’s Valid Through date. By default, the card will be ready for use immediately upon approval. The card will remain active until the date specified in the Valid Through field.



Please Note: The Valid Through date can only be adjusted for Itemized and Lump Sum Spend Requests. Emburse Cards issued through Recurring Spend Requests will be valid through the end date of the Spend Request.

5. When all line items have been approved or disapproved, click Approve Request to send the report to the next Approver.


6. Enter any additional comments on the confirmation page. Click Submit to confirm your approval.





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