Creating a Recurring Spend Request

Certify's Spend Request feature enables end-users to budget for an expense before the spend occurs. Once the Spend Request is submitted, a Manager can see the expected costs for specific projects, trips, or people, providing opportunities for increased spend management. 

Employees can submit Spend Requests to their Managers using their companies pre-determined Approval Workflow. Once an employee has their Spend Request approved, they can upload and link expenses to it from their Certify Wallet.

Recurring Spend Request allows users to make a single spend request for a repeating expense.

This article shows you, a Certify User, how to create a recurring spend request.

1. Click New Spend Request in the My Spend Requests section on your Certify homepage.


2. To create a new Spend Request, enter a NameDate RangeDescription, then choose Recurring as your Request Type.


3. All Recurring spend requests must use an Emburse Card. Fill in the Virtual Card Description, then click Next.

Please Note: When creating a recurring spend request, users are required to place funds on a Virtual Emburse Card.


4. Fill in the Request Details, then click the Next button.


  • Amount: Fill in the total amount of funds requested for each interval.
  • Interval: Choose an interval to receive the requested amount.
      • Daily -- Funds are replenished seven days a week, by midnight PST. 
      • Weekly -- Funds are replenished every Monday by midnight (PST).
      • Monthly -- Funds are replenished on the first of the month.

5. Once all necessary changes have been made, click Submit Request.


Please Note: The totals shown are the total amount of funds requested for the entire period, rather than each interval.

6. Review the Spend Request, then click Submit.


Users will receive their first disbursement on either the start date of the spend request, or on the date the spend request is approved, whichever comes later.



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