Managing Credit Card Accounts

In Certify AP, you can indicate invoices that have been paid with credit cards.

This article shows you, a Certify AP User with the Credit Card Administrator permission, how to configure company’s Certify AP credit cards.

Please Note: Credit Card Administrator is a root only permission. The permission will give a user access to all administrative functions within the Purchasing Cards page.

Creating/Editing Credit Card Accounts

1. Open the Purchasing Cards page, and select Card/Account Setup


2. Click Add New Account.


3. The Add New Account page opens, enter the account information in the fields provided:


  • Name: The name of the credit card account, for example AMEX.
  • Type: A nickname for the type of account, for example Corporate.
  • Vendor: Select the Credit Card Vendor from the drop-down. If you have never set up the credit card vendor, then you will need to create the vendor by clicking the New Vendor This is the only place to create the Credit Card Vendors.
  • Sweep Account Definition: Choose a Department and GL Account.
  • Manual Upload: This controls whether or not the user’s cards that are associated to this account can manually upload their own credit card charges.
  • Manual Entry/Edit: This will control whether or not the end user can manually enter or edit an uploaded charge in an invoice.

4. Click Save when complete.


Create/Edit Cards

1. On the Card/Account Setup page, a list of available accounts will appear. Click either the Account Name or View Account.


4. The selected account will open with a list of available cards. Click Add Card to Account.


5. On the Edit Credit Card page, enter the card information in the fields provided:


  • Card User: The cardholder who manages the charges associated to this card. A user will require Enter Invoice in order to have assigned credit cards in Certify AP.
  • Card Name: The name of the card.
  • Card Number: The full card number without any dashes or spaces.
  • Last Four Digits on Card: The last four digits on the card.
  • ERP ID: Value that this credit card is represented as in your ERP system.
  • Upload Identifier: This is an optional data field that can be used to identify the charge holder. For example, the cardholder name.
  • Manual Upload: Enable this option if you would like the card user to manually upload credit card charges.
  • Manual Entry: Enable this option if you would like the card user to manually create or edit credit card charges.

6. Click Save when complete.


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