Managing Charges on a Credit Card Account

In Certify AP as the Credit Card Administrator, you can easily upload credit card charges to an account from an external file and assign those cards to cardholders.

This article shows you, a Certify AP User with the Credit Card Administrator permission, how to configure company’s Certify AP credit cards.

Upload Charges to an Account

1. On the Purchasing Cards page click the Manage Cards/Charges tile, or select the Card Options menu next to the appropriate credit card account.  mceclip0.png

2. Click Upload from the drop-down menu.


3. Browse for the file to import. The following data file types can be imported: delimited text files (.csv, .txt, etc.), excel (.xls), and access files (.mdb).


4. Click the radio button to indicate Negative Amounts. Select if negative amounts within the file apply to Credits or Debits. If Credits are chosen, then the resulting amount is a negative number. If Debits are chosen, then the resulting amount is a positive number.


5. Enter the number of rows in the fields provided.


  • Number of rows to skip: Starting with the first row in your file and including the column heading that should not be imported as data in Certify AP.
  • Row number that contains the names of the columns: Enter the row number of your column header.

6. If an excel file is used than select the worksheet that you wish to import from your spreadsheet.


7. Click Continue.


8. Follow the columns on-screen to map your data field to the fields in Certify AP. Start by selecting the field in Column 1 and then select the corresponding field in Column 2. The result is displayed in Column 3.

Any fields required in Certify AP will be identified with a flag. If a template was used, then select Auto Map to automatically map the column fields.


9. When all the fields are mapped, click Continue.


10. Certify AP will validate the data in the import file and determine if the import will be successful prior to import.


  • Import Review: All results are displayed and can be exported to excel by selecting View all rows.
  • Rows ready to import:
    • Import These Rows: Select this option to import the rows.
    • View Rows: Select this option to view the rows prior to import.

Assigning Charges to Users

In Certify AP, Credit Card Administrators can assign unassigned charges to a user’s credit card.

1. On the Purchasing Cards page, select the three-dot icon next to the appropriate card account. 



2. Click Assign Charges from the drop-down menu.


3. Select the charge you wish to assign/unassign to a card and click Assign to Card.


4. Click the card you wish to assign the charge to and click Assign to this Card.


5. To unassign charges, click Unassign in the drop-down menu.


6. Select the charge you wish to unassign and click Unassign Charges.



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