Faxing Quick Start Guide

You can fax your hard copies of Purchasing RequisitionsPacking Lists, Invoices, or other relevant transactions into Certify Purchasing using a bar-coded cover page. These are automatically attached to their associated Purchasing items.

This article shows you, a Certify Purchasing user with permission to enter or approve Purchasing items, how to fax attachments into Certify Purchasing.

Please Note: You can fax multiple documents at once, by placing the documents for each transaction Invoice on their own Fax Sheet.

1. On your Certify Purchasing homepage, in the Tasks box, select one of the links to open a relevant transaction: Submit a RequisitionSubmit an Invoice, or Enter Packing List


2. Select the draft.


3. Click Download Fax Sheet.


4. Print the Fax Sheet. The Fax Sheet displays:

  • A fax number
  • A square bar code

Use this Fax Sheet as the fax's cover page. 

Please Note: Each transaction's Fax Sheet is unique. Print the appropriate Fax Sheet for each document. If you are faxing multiple documents at once, make sure to put each document's correct Fax Sheet first before adding the document itself.


5. Using the Fax Sheet as the first page, fax the document to one of the fax numbers. qsg_5.png

You receive a confirmation email. 


6. Click the pencil icon to edit the fax image. Use the image editor tool to: 

  • Rotate Left or Rotate Right: Rotate the fax image to ensure it's facing the right direction
  • Crop: Crop unnecessary information or blank space
  • Scale: Make the image bigger or smaller
  • Reset: Reset the fax back to its original state
  • Save: Save your edits
  • Close: Close the image

Click Save to complete.





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