Void/ Retract a Packing List

Packing List is a document describing the items included in a package: their quantity, their weight, and other relevant information. Packing Lists are created by vendors, but your company might create a packing list when you receive the package. Creating packing lists will help your company keep track of the products received.

This article will show you how to retract or void a packing list.

Retracting a Packing List

1. On the Configurations page, select the Manage Transactions tile. 


2. On the Manage Transactions page, enter your search terms and click Search.


3. The packing lists that match your search terms will appear. Click Retract next to the correct packing list.


4. Click the checkbox next to the items in the packing list you would like to retract. These items will be voided and the purchase order items will be reopened.


5. Enter a comment about the retraction and click Retract Packing List.


6. You will receive a message that the transaction was successful.


Voiding a Packing List

1. From the Manage Transactions page, enter search terms for your packing list, and click Search.


2. The matching packing lists will appear. Click Void next to the correct packing list.


3. Click the checkboxes next to the packing list items you would like to void.


4. Enter a required comment and click Void Packing List. You will receive a message that your transaction has been successfully processed.





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