Entering a New Invoice Vendor on an Invoice Report

If an Invoice Vendor does not exist in Certify, it is possible to enter one directly onto the Invoice Report prior to submission. This article shows you, an Accounts Payable User, how to enter a new Invoice Vendor

1. From the Home page, select Drafts. 


2. Select an Invoice Report to open. 


3. Use the pencil icon to edit the Invoice Report. 


4. Click into the Vendor field. If your vendor is unavailable, select Create a New Invoice Vendor.


5. You will immediately be brought to the Create a New Invoice Vendor screen. Enter any applicable details, and click Next

The Name is the only required detail. A Certify Administrator can enter additional details if needed.


6. The new Invoice Vendor is now entered into the Vendor field. Proceed with the rest of your Invoice Report to submit. 

The new Invoice Vendor must be approved by a Certify Accountant before your Invoice Report can be processed. 



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