ReportExecutive Configuration

Certify ReportExecutive brings true automation to expense reporting. It allows Certify Administrators to specify a company-wide schedule for creating expense reports including reminder email notifications that are sent to users before and after the expense report build date. This article shows how, as a Certify Administrator, you can set up and manage your company-wide ReportExecutive schedule. 

1. On your account homepage, click the gear icon and then select Certify ReportExecutive


2. Certify offers seven different scheduling options, including a setting to disable ReportExecutive or allow all users to create their own ReportExecutive schedules. According to your company policies and preferences, select a ReportExecutive schedule. 


3. The buffer period allows time for users to add receipt images and have credit card expenses automatically imported to their Certify Wallet. Use the Automatic Expense Report Settings to set a buffer period. When ReportExecutive builds an expense report, any receipts and expenses within this buffer period will not be included in the expense report.


4. Automatic Expense Report Content gives Certify Administrators the option to include all wallet items in an automatic expense report, or only items falling within the date range chosen above.


5. Automatic Expense Report Control allows Certify Administrators to prevent users from being able to delete a draft created by ReportExecutive.


6. Schedule Exceptions by Role provides Certify Administrators the option to allow certain roles in Certify to create their own ReportExecutive schedules (including disabling ReportExecutive), as an alternative to using the company-wide schedule. Users can create their own schedules and set up reminder email notifications on their My Account page.


7. ReportExecutive provides Certify Administrators with multiple opportunities to send email notifications to users, reminding them to add receipts and expenses to their Certify Wallets, alerting them when and if an expense report has been created, and reminding them to submit their expense report for approval. Click the checkbox for each ReportExecutive Email Notification you would like users to receive. All email notifications can be selected and deselected as needed. 

For each automatically generated email notification that is selected, you have the option to add a custom message. This is a great opportunity to remind users about company policies, important deadlines, or any other relevant information. Users may opt out of these notifications on their My Account page.


ReportExecutive will NOT create expense reports unless the Build Day notification is enabled.

Using the settings portrayed in these screenshots, here is a calendar view of the ReportExecutive Configurations.


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