Creating an Order Pad

An Order Pad is a tool that groups together items for quick purchasing. For example, an order pad can be created to group items that are commonly ordered together or used to create a type of order, like new work stations. Essentially, a notepad of items you will eventually order.

This article will show you, an Certify AP User, how to create an Order Pad.

1. On the Configurations page, click Order Pads


2. First, enter a Title for your Order Pad.


3. Select the Order Pad Type from the drop-down menu:

  • Personal: This limits the use of this order pad to the user.
  • Enterprise: This allows the order pad to be used by all users company-wide.


4. Click Create.


5. If you don't have any products pre-loaded into your account, click Add Item to Catalog or Quick Add Item to begin.


  • Add Item to Catalog: From this screen you can add a product to your catalog of products. Enter the required information and click Save when complete.


  • Quick Add Item: When clicked, the same screen as the one above appears. However, it won't add a product to your catalog, it will only add the product to this order pad.

6. If you already have products in your catalog, you can search for them. When searching for products to add to your Order Pad, you have the following ways to search:


  • Description/SKU: Enter a keyword or SKU number that describes the product you'd like to add.
  • Search All Categories Drop-Down menu: Choose from a list of pre-filled categories that the product may be listed under.
  • Recently Added to Catalog Drop-Down menu: Choose from a list of products that have recently been purchased.

For more ways to search, click Switch to Advanced Search.


  • Vendor: Type a vendor (Staples, OfficeMax, etc.) that you'd like to filter the product search by.
  • Manufacturer Number: Search by specific manufacturer number.
  • Manufacturer: Search by specific manufacturer name.

Please NoteYou can utilize multiple forms of searching at once, such as Vendor and Description to get a more filtered list of products.

7. When you've found a product you'd like to add to the Order Pad, edit the Quantity if you'd like more than one, and click the green plus icon to add.


8. When you're finished adding products to your Order Pad, click Continue.


9. This is the Finalize Order Pad Contents screen. In the header, you can Attach or Scan Files directly to the Order Pad and also enter internal Comments in the text box.


10. Next, edit your line items. Choose a DepartmentGL, and Project.


11. You can also change the Quantity and the Price of the line item. If you'd like to delete it from the report completely, click the red X icon.


12. You can also view specific information in the Status column:


  • Dept: This shows whether the Department is over or under budget.
  • GL: This shows whether the GL is over or under budget.
  • Recurring: Click to view or edit any recurring order information.
  • A: Click to view any allocation information.
  • Recent Order: Click to view any recent order frequency information.

13. You have a few different options to continue:


  • Delete: This will delete the order pad completely.
  • Close: This will save your current progress and take you back to the dashboard.
  • Continue Shopping: This will bring you back to the previous page to add more items to your order pad.
  • Update: This will save your current progress and allow you to continue editing the current order pad.
  • Save & Close: This will save your order pad and complete the process.

14. Click Save & Close.


15. You'll receive a confirmation message that your order pad has been saved.















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