Processing Invoice Reports

Like expense reports, Invoice Reports in Certify will route through approval to be processed. As an Invoice Accountant, you will receive an email advising you that an Invoice Report has been submitted for processing. This article shows you, an Invoice Accountant, how to process Invoice Reports.

1. From the Home page, open My Processing Requests.


2. Open the Invoice report by clicking on the status.

Please Note: The Processing Queue may hold both expense and invoice reports, if you have permission to process both. Invoice reports will note the Due Date.


3. Review the Invoice report details and take any needed actions via the Other Actions menu. Other Actions include the options below. Click Process Report.

  • Add Note
  • Inquire
  • Split Invoice
  • Disapprove
  • Edit Invoice
  • Delete Invoice



4. The Processing Wizard will take you through a few steps. Click Next.


5. Select a processing date. Click Next.


6. Confirm the Invoice report(s) to be processed. Click Next.


7. The reports are then processed.


Please Note: As an Invoice Accountant, you are not required to open individual invoice reports for review. Invoice Reports may be processed in a batch from the Processing Wizard screen by selecting the reports and clicking Process Reports at the bottom. 




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