Approving Invoice Reports

Just like expense reports, Invoice Reports will route through approval for processing. This article shows you, a Certify Manager or Executive, how to approve Invoice Reports

1. From the home screen, open My Approval Requests


2. Open the Invoice Report by clicking on the status

Please Note: The Due Date column applies only to Invoice Reports. The Employee column will also show the Vendor for Invoice Reports.

Approving Invoice 1.png


3. Review the Invoice Report details and take any needed actions via the Other Actions menu. Other Actions include:

  • Add Note
  • Inquire
  • Edit Invoice (as with expenses, your organization will have the choice of granting or restricting edit rights to approvers)
  • Split Invoice
  • Disapprove
  • Disapprove Report


4. Approve the invoice line using the green checkmark or Approve All button.


5. Select Submit for Payment.


6. Enter optional comments, and click Submit at the bottom of the email preview.


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