AP Release Notes: June 17th, 2022


Update to Auto-created Vendor with Invoice Capture

After reviewing feedback around the auto-created vendor with invoice capture, Certify AP has updated our feature. Rather than creating a new vendor for an Invoice, the feature will not assign the vendor to the invoice instead. not assign the vendor to the invoice.

With the updated logic, if we are unable to locate the vendor, the vendor on the invoice appears as pictured below:

At this point, submitters may click on the invoice to edit the invoice header, and set the vendor manually.

Please Note: At this point, there is an issue with the Route button not appearing until the page is manually refreshed. Our development team is aware of this issue and is working on a fix. 

Bug Fix Notes




CAP-6078 | Unable to unvoid PL

An issue was found where the users were not able to unvoid the packing list. This has been resolved.

CAP-6151 | Unable to delete invoices

An issue was found where the users were not able to delete some invoices from their in-progress queue. This has been resolved.

CAP-6003 | CDE unable to export large data

An issue was found where the large company data export was not being generated. This has been resolved.

CAP-5029 | Update SAF Approval Logic

An issue was found where the SAF approval chain did not get generated properly when positive line item and negative line item were on the transaction. This has been resolved.

CAP-6090 | Incorrect Iine item calculation

An issue was found where if the invoice line items were matched to PO that is allocated across multiple ways, the invoice line item amount did get calculated correctly on certain amount. This has been resolved.


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